The End of the Line is at the Terminus

Hello all. You're probably wondering where everything is, why everything is, and what everything is. This is my official statement.

First off, it's been a good run, hasn't it? Lotsa neat things to put up. I'm sure a lot of you got some use out of them, and for that I'm glad to have been of use.

Now, for the real reason you're reading this: the reason everything is gone. For that, I can break it into three different reasons:

One - Piracy. Many of you already know this, but for those who don't the long story short is that someone was converting everything on this site to mobile versions of Trainz, and even copyright striking them was not enough to get through to them. They're still continuously converting not only my stuff, but other's stuff too (such as JR and K&L). But I happen to be their primary target just because I got their first channel removed, and no amount of talking sense into them will ever change that.

Two - Motivation. While I did put out content on a somewhat regular basis, it's difficult to keep up with the demand and 'needs' of the community. No matter what I made, no matter what I put out, it wasn't enough to satisfy the appetite of the community either because 'the model is too old' or 'I can do it better'. To that, I say, "Alright, then I can't wait for you to release yours." What I made for the community I made because I care about the very thing the simulator was made about - trains. And while I tried to strive for something similar to perfection, despite me not having the tools many others have, I truly tried my best, because I had fun doing so. But taking the barrage of what is listed above, and of what others conspired to do to try and outshine me for sheer pettiness (you know who you are), it really drains me, and it no longer becomes a fun thing to do, or even contribute to. And therefore, I am drained of any and all motivation to continue to do so.

Three - Permissions. This one is a bit of a recent biggie. It starts back to when I was dealing with a [different] certain user (who I will not name), and they were causing trouble for several of my friends in the community. They uploaded a file to a now-deleted discord server, which I downloaded to see what it was, and then forgot about it. Much, much later, right after I released the 1970 and 1977 Broadway Limited, a well-established content creator reached out to me noticing I had sourced a few textures from their reskins onto my own. Pausing for a moment, I'm fairly new to the content creation and releasing scene, so I tried to stay well within the rules I have learned in the past 3 or so years I've been active. But, it seems I didn't study them enough, as they notified me of such while I was under the impression that when a config had no license or was of a free-to-use model, it was fair game. That's what I had observed. Going back to the beginning of this paragraph, it turned out I had used unreleased content of theirs that I was not supposed to be in possesion of, and that CDP I had downloaded was pirated by that user who was giving me and my friends trouble. I explained this to the content creator, and while they said they understood, asked me to remove everything that had used their sourced textures. Which pretty much included half of the entire website's content lineup. And considering the most affected assets are needed for about everything else on the site, I'm sure you can understand why it was simpler to just remove it all than to rework almost the 250+ assets already made.

Four - The Suggestion Box. This one is a bit of a miniscule point, but it was a mistake to open it up.

So, there you have it. My official explanation. With all things considered, it was fun while it lasted, but nothing lasts forever. It seems I got a little too ambitious, and if this is what it takes to be a content creator in this community, then I am not ready to handle it. To those looking forward to new stuff and anything I had teased, I'm sorry. I looked forward to sharing it with all of you too. For anyone wanting to redistribute what I have made, please do not. I will take action if I see people doing so. These are my wishes, and I hope you respect them. I've already deleted the download links, so don't try using any archived links.

Thank you all for the journey, it's been fun. The train is now arriving at the terminal, this is the final stop. Thank you for riding. - Ian H./ConrailFan76